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Strive for knowledge, experience diversity, make an impact

Studying in a multicultural environment can help graduates make an impact in their chosen fields

University campus on top of Mount Carmel
University campus on top of Mount Carmel

At the University of Haifa, located on top of Mount Carmel, international students from countries across the globe integrate into Israeli society, while studying and living with a diverse student population made up of Jews and Muslims, Christians and Baha’i, Druze and Bedouin, new immigrants and native Israelis.

Situated on the top of Mount Carmel and adjoining the Carmel National Park. (Photo UHIS)

This multicultural environment makes the city of Haifa and the University of Haifa in particular a microcosm of the State of Israel. As such, it is a unique experience for international students who want to study in Israel while living in a city that contains all facets of Israeli society. “I had the chance to travel to Haifa and experience how life is in a city filled with history that promotes diversity and multiculturalism,” says Alexandru Illie from the International MA in Diplomacy Studies, 2016-2017 cohort. Hana Green from the Weiss-Livnat International MA in Holocaust Studies says that “what I have found to value most is the diversity surrounding this program, which can be seen in our course listings, our wide range of research interests, and backgrounds. Every student brings something different to the table.”

The University of Haifa is the leading university in Israel in the fields of humanities, social sciences, marine research, and education. It is home to 7 faculties, 8 schools and 69 research centers and ranks in the top 200 in the fields of archaeology, education and theology. Academically demanding programs challenge students and expand their intellectual horizons in new subject areas as well as developing skills in their major area of study.

International School at the University of Haifa in Israel (Photo by UHIS)

Two recent groundbreaking discoveries resonated in the fields of archaeology and Jewish studies. Archaeologists at the university discovered the oldest human fossils outside Africa, in a cave on Mount Carmel. This discovery revealed that humans left Africa earlier than previously thought. Researchers from the Department of Biblical Studies deciphered one of the last remaining obscure parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls after assembling more than 60 tiny fragments in a project that took over a year to complete.

The University of Haifa offers 16 International English-language master’s programs, which attract students from over 40 countries and provide them with tools and skills needed to succeed in a modern, multicultural environment. Students are equipped with both theoretical and practical experience in and outside of the classroom, and an immersive cultural experience. Uta Freyer, an alumna from the International MA in Peace and Conflict Management who works as an educational counselor for refugees in Berlin, stated, “In my studies at the University of Haifa I really pushed my academic level and that improved my self-confidence, also as a woman, to make an international career.”

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