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Israeli develops device for lost glasses

Founder says wearers can’t even feel the difference in the weight of their spectacles with gadget attached

An Israeli company has launched a crowd-sourced funding campaign to help it develop a practical and effective device for finding misplaced glasses.

“The idea for Look came about when I couldn’t find my own reading glasses,” Dafna Ariely, CEO and Founder of LOOK, told the Daily Mail. “After all the time I spent and the long, frustrating experience of searching, I thought that if I had something to help me find my glasses, I could have avoided all the pressure and loss of time I experienced.

“When I didn’t find a product like this on the market, I decided to do it myself.”

Ariely teamed with Look Chief Technology Officer Shmuel Gan to develop and design the Look device, which is a small attachment for the glasses that can connect to mobile devices through an app for easy tracking. For people without smartphones, LOOK also offers a keychain remote. Anytime the glasses are lost, the user can use their device to activate a beeping sound.

According to Ariely, what sets LOOK apart from other tracking systems is that her device is designed specifically for glasses and takes into account comfort and aesthetics.

Until now, similar devices have been generic trackers meant for things like keys and luggage where appearance isn’t important,” Ariely said. ‘Look represents a new trend of merging technology and fashion.”

According to LOOK’s IndieGogo page, the device is lightweight to the point that there is no noticeable difference to people wearing their glasses, and is effective up to 15 meters (50 feet).

It also comes in four different styles to choose from, depending on the customers’ type of glasses and preference.

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