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Binyamin Rachamim, 52: Father of 9 murdered on his way to synagogue

Killed in Ofakim, October 7. ‘People who die in the name of God are very special people,’ says wife Aliza

Binyamin Rachamim (Courtesy)
Binyamin Rachamim (Courtesy)

Binyamin Rachamim, 52, a resident of Ofakim, was killed by terrorists as he walked to synagogue in the city on Saturday morning.

Rachamim, a member of the town’s Haredi community, studied full time in a kollel in Ofakim.

He leaves behind a wife, Aliza, and nine children.

Aliza told the Kikar HaShabbat Haredi news outlet that there was “something spiritual” about the fact that her husband was killed on both Shabbat and the holiday of Simhat Torah.

“People who die in the name of God are very special people — that is the only comfort that we have,” she said. “My husband was a man of immense kindness — we have nine adorable children and he was very connected to them. It’s a huge asset to see how the children inherited his good qualities.”

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