13 more settler activists detained during evacuation of illegal West Bank outpost Or Meir

Jeremy Sharon is The Times of Israel’s legal affairs and settlements reporter

At least 13 more settler activists are arrested by Border Police personnel during efforts to evacuate and demolish the illegal West Bank outpost of Or Meir. The activists themselves say that over 20 have now been detained.

Dozens of radical activists have gathered at the site to thwart the demolition of the outpost, the third such effort in five months.

Footage taken by the activists showed them sitting down in front of bulldozers brought in to destroy an illegally built access road to the outpost, and physically resisting evacuation.

The footage also shows Border Police officers forcibly removing the activists from the site and wrestling them to the ground in order to detain them.

The Civil Administration says that Or Meir is built on private Palestinian land.

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