IDF soldier dies after being infected by dangerous fungus during Gaza ground operation

An IDF soldier has died after being infected by a dangerous strain of fungus while fighting in the Gaza Strip, the Kan public broadcaster reports.

The soldier was brought to Assuta Ashdod Medical Center two weeks ago with severe injuries to his limbs, the report says. Despite round-the-clock care, the fungus proved to be treatment-resistant and the soldier succumbed to his wounds.

Around ten soldiers are believed to have been infected with the same fungus and are undergoing treatment in Israel, the former director of Sheba Medical Center’s Infectious Diseases Unit told Kan radio on Tuesday morning.

The source of the fungus is believed to be ground soil that had been contaminated with sewage waste. The infection is then contracted through wounds sustained by soldiers fighting in Gaza which cannot be kept sterile due to the conditions on the ground.


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