Israel says France, Turkey riskiest countries for catching mutated coronavirus strains

The Health Ministry has listed France and Turkey as the current most dangerous countries for Israelis to catch mutated strains of the coronavirus that could prove more resistant to current vaccines.

According to the data, reported by Channel 12 news, 0.5% of recent returnees from France have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and the likelihood of them carrying a new variant of the coronavirus is regarded as very high. The figure for turkey is 0.4%, and the risk level is similar.

In the US, the likelihood is said to be very high as well, despite the low 0.3% rate among returnees from there.

In Germany, the risk of catching a new strain is regarded as high despite a low 0.2% rate among returnees.

Somewhat surprisingly, Britain — where a more infectious strain emerged — is said to pose no risk with just 0.2% of returnees positive. The figure for Russia is 0.3%, and the ministry didn’t determine a mutation likelihood due to lack of information.