Palestinian doctor claims 27 dead in Israeli strike on UN school in Gaza; no comment from IDF

A Palestinian doctor claims that at least 27 people have been killed and 93 more injured in an Israeli strike on a United Nations school in Gaza.

The strike hit a UN-run school where thousands of displaced Palestinians are sheltering in Jabaliya, the doctor at a hospital in the camp says on condition of anonymity.

There is no immediate comment from the Israeli military.

In response to previous reports of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has said in a statement to The Times of Israel that the military carries out “many warning measures before its actions in order to avoid harming uninvolved [people] and even carries out many humanitarian procedures to help the citizens of the Gaza Strip.”

“Every strike by the IDF is based on intelligence indications of terror infrastructure or the presence of terrorists in the area of ​​the attack,” the IDF said.

“The Hamas terror organization uses the citizens of Gaza as human shields for its terror needs and acts in total violation of international law,” the IDF added.

The IDF has published evidence showing that Hamas uses hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other civilian sites for terror purposes.

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