Hundreds of people gathered in the Sudanese capital Wednesday night holding anti-Israel signs after Khartoum said Jerusalem had been behind an attack on a munitions factory that killed two people.

Israel declined to comment on the Wednesday morning bombing of the arms factory in Khartoum.

Some 300 demonstrators rallying against Israel chanted slogans, including “Death to Israel” and “Remove Israel from the map,” according to a report in the Iranian Press TV.

Earlier in the day, Sudan’s envoy to the United Nations called on the Security Council to condemn Israel for the bombing.

“Four Israeli aircraft invaded our airspace and perpetrated this heinous attack,” Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman told a UN Security Council meeting on the Darfur conflict, AFP reported.  “We reject such aggression and expect your esteemed council to condemn this attack because it is a blatant violation of the concept of peace and security.”

Osman also accused Jerusalem of aiding Darfurian rebels and said Israel was “jeopardizing peace and security in the entire region.”

Israel believes Sudan is a conduit for arms into the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. A 2009 bombing of a convoy in the east of the country was blamed on Israel, according to foreign media reports.