A Tel Aviv couple have been charged for decades of rape and physical abuse of their three daughters, it was revealed on Wednesday.

The father, 64, is accused of raping his daughters hundreds of times between 1989 and 2010, while the mother, 61, knew of the rapes but did nothing to stop them, according to a Channel 10 report.

Both parents are also accused of serious abuse of their daughters, including beating them with belts, sticks and wires, verbal abuse, threatening them with knives or a hot iron, and forcing their heads down the toilet.

The rapes allegedly began when the daughters, now aged 37, 27 and 19, were young girls. According to the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office, the girls themselves came forward with the allegations.

The prosecution has asked the court to detain the father until after the case against him, and the mother is to remain under house arrest.