Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman expressed satisfaction Monday with the new European oil embargo on Iran that began in earnest on Sunday.

In an interview with Israel Radio, Liberman said that Iran is beginning to feel the pressure from the oil embargo and other international sanctions, and that this was evidenced by Monday’s start of major military Iranian maneuvers — an apparent Iranian effort to broadcast strength.

Iran is holding a three-day drill that it said will include firing various strategic missiles at mock “foreign bases.”

Liberman said he hoped that within a month or two the Iranians would be forced to realize that the international community is “decisive” in its opposition to Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

The foreign minister, who on Sunday traveled to Italy for an official visit, said that after three rounds of talks held over Iran’s nuclear program in recent months, it was clear to the world powers that Tehran is just playing for time while it pushes ahead with the program.

Regarding Egypt, Liberman said Israel must respect the choice of the Egyptian people and give credit to the new government, while keeping a close eye on developments.