A Supreme Court justice on Thursday was fined NIS 1,800 ($515) and had his driving license suspended for two months, after he was convicted of driving over the speed limit on an intercity highway in April of 2011.

Judge Hanan Meltzer’s sentence was handed down after he admitted to the charges against him and was convicted in a plea bargain.

According to the charges, Meltzer drove 135 kph (83 mph) on a road with a 90 kph (56 mph) speed limit.

The indictment against the judge was filed by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein.

In her ruling, Judge Atila Vishkin of the Petah Tikva traffic court said that though Melzer had been previously convicted of traffic offences, his last indictment was in 2003 and therefore the terms of the plea bargain were sufficient punishment.