Israeli entertainer leads Haredi wedding guests in rendition of ‘May your village burn’

Meni Mamtera performs at an ultra-Orthodox wedding on November 6, 2023. (Screen capture/X)
Meni Mamtera performs at an ultra-Orthodox wedding on November 6, 2023. (Screen capture/X)

Israeli entertainer Meni Tzukerl, who is more widely known by his stage name Meni Mamtera is filmed at an ultra-Orthodox wedding in Israel this evening leading the guests in a rendition of the anti-Arab “May your village burn” chant with dozens of Haredi men seen participating.

Tzukerl’s name made headlines toward the beginning of the war thanks to a viral clip of blindfolded Palestinians detained by the IDF featured one of his popular children’s songs being blasted on a loop to confuse the suspects and prevent them from communicating with one another.

Earlier today, The Times of Israel revealed that the State Attorney’s Office has yet to indict any citizen for incitement to violence or racism against either Arabs or those deemed “leftists” since Hamas’s October 7 atrocities, despite inflammatory rhetoric on social media over the past month.

Several coalition lawmakers expressed support for wiping out Gaza after the October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas terrorists left over 1,400 dead and over 240 people kidnapped into Gaza.

“‘May your village burn!!’ Yes, yes, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a great for morale to wish for Gaza to be wiped out and set on fire. I have often said revenge is a [legitimate] value. They almost occupied the kibbutzim of the south, slaughtered, raped, decapitated and gouged out eyes. Almost 1400 were murdered in one Shabbat. So let their village burn. And if the ‘La Familia’ [anti-Arab group] sings it, it’s because they understand that the enemy only understands strength! And more strength,” tweeted Likud MK Tally Gotliv last week.

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