Lapid says Russia-Iran collaboration in Ukraine ‘puts the whole world in danger’

Prime Minister Yair Lapid warns that the military collaboration between Russia and Iran in Ukraine poses a global danger.

“We naturally think that relations between Russia and Iran are a serious problem not only for Israel, but also for Ukraine, Europe and the whole world,” he tells the independent Russian-language TV network RTVi.

“Iran is a dangerous terrorist state, and the fact that Russia does business with it puts the whole world in danger.”

Lapid says it is “absolutely unacceptable” that Tehran has allegedly handed Moscow drones used in its attacks, but also explains that Israel is refraining from giving Kyiv direct military aid while being dependent on Russian influence in Syria.

“On the other hand, Israel’s international relations are a complex issue. I have an obligation to take care of both Israel’s security and our national security, to see to it that our interests are respected, and, in doing so, to make it clear that we support Ukraine in [this conflict].”

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