Tel Aviv Mayor Huldai announces ‘The Israelis’ party, vows end to national despair

Ron Huldai announces he is running in the upcoming elections as leader of a new party which will be called “The Israelis.”

In a press conference, Huldai says the problem is that “we have grown accustomed” to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption and divisive style of leadership, and says he will get Israel out of its current despair.

“We have grown accustomed to a crazy government. I will no longer stand idly by, I am here to announce a new party,” he says, recounting his history as an IDF fighter pilot, as an educator and — for the past 22 years — as the mayor of Tel Aviv.

“We can stop with the despair. I’m doing this for my children, and mainly for my grandchildren. Israel can and must be managed differently,” he says, declaring himsrelf — not right-wing politician Gideon Sa’ar and other Likud defectors — as the true alternative to Netanyahu.

“I am also here to speak about values,” he says. “Why do you think Sa’ar and Elkin, or Bennett and Smotrich, are those who represent you?”

He says his party will safeguard democracy and the justice system, create socially-minded reforms, care for small businesses, for women’s and minorities’ rights, and oppose religious coercion, rampant violence in the Arab community. Huldai adds that he will oppose attempts to annex parts of the West Bank.

“Not being corrupt is nice but not enough. Elect someone you can trust, whom you can believe in,” he says, presenting his first recruit and No. 2, Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn.

Nissenkorn praises Huldai’s leadership and warns the justice system is under an unprecedented threat.