Egg smuggling ring charged in court
Case cracked

Egg smuggling ring charged in court

Millions of contraband eggs let through checkpoints by security guards

Aaron Kalman is a former writer and breaking news editor for the Times of Israel

Charges have been laid against a ring of bad eggs accused of selling, well, bad eggs to the public and passing them off as certified.

The 14 members of the smuggling ring were charged with transferring over 10 million contraband eggs from the Palestinian Authority to Israel, police said on Thursday

According to the charges presented to the Petah Tikva District Court, there were 13 Israelis and one Palestinian involved in the operation, during which over 70 trucks crossed through a checkpoint to Israel without being inspected.

Among the cargo were 10 million eggs, which authorities fear could cause salmonella poisoning. The suspects allegedly stamped the eggs with fake authorization stamps before transferring them to various distributors.

Some of the suspects worked as security officials at the checkpoint, and made sure the trucks weren’t stopped. At least one of the suspects held a post on the Israeli body that oversees egg production.

According to the charges, the members of the group committed a number of criminal offenses, including bribery, forgery and other financial crimes.

The court was asked by the prosecution to detain the suspects for the duration of the procedures against them, saying their greed had put lives in danger. Since the defendants hadn’t inspected the trucks, the prosecution said, they had no guarantee they weren’t smuggling terrorists or explosives into the country.

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