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Today! Melanie Phillips on Islam, Trump, Israel and UK anti-Semitism

Times of Israel Presents ‘Londonistan’ author in public interview in Jerusalem; tickets here

Author Melanie Phillips (photo credit: courtesy)
Author Melanie Phillips (photo credit: courtesy)

Last week, Ireland’s ambassador to London described Melanie Phillips’s analysis of Irish nationalism as “beyond bizarre.”

Phillips is a regular on BBC’s “Moral Maze” and “Question Time,” and a widely-read columnist for The Times of London, The Jerusalem Post, and the Jewish Chronicle. It wasn’t the first time her forthright and often contrary views have evoked a strong response. It’s unlikely to be the last.

At the next event in our Times of Israel Presents series, on Sunday, March 26, at Beit Shmuel in Jerusalem, Phillips will speak about her controversial career — and opinions.

We’ll discuss her books “Londonistan” and “The World Turned Upside Down,” and her thesis that Europe’s rapidly expanding Muslim community has nurtured a home-grown Islamic fundamentalism that challenges the very foundations of western justice and democracy and threatens the defense of the free world.

Cover of Melanie Phillips's 'Londonistan' (courtesy)
Cover of Melanie Phillips’s ‘Londonistan’ (courtesy)

She’ll describe her extraordinary journey from the pages of the left-leaning Guardian to the right-wing columns of the Daily Mail, and explain why she thinks the British left has become a bastion of modern anti-Semitism.

Her supporters hail her courage for revealing a dangerous tendency at the heart of western society and for being brutally honest about the dangers of a Third World War. Her critics accuse her of fearmongering and Islamophobia.

She’ll be asked why she called former United States president Barack Obama “a sulky narcissist with an unbroken history of involvement in thuggish, corrupt, far-left, black power, Jew-bashing, west-hating politics,” and why she believes President Donald Trump will be better for Israel – and the world – than either Obama or Clinton.

These issues and more will arise in her live stage interview next Sunday, but if you have questions you’d like asked, send them to:

Melanie Phillips in conversation with Matthew Kalman, Sunday, March 26, at 8 p.m., Hirsch Theater, Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem. Tickets on sale here.

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