Truck driver smashes dozens of cars in Tel Aviv
Hit and hit and hit and runHit and hit and hit and run

Truck driver smashes dozens of cars in Tel Aviv

After fleeing scene, man turns himself in to police

A truck driver, who sparked a police manhunt in Tel Aviv on Thursday, after he hit dozens of parked cars on two narrow streets in the city and fled the scene, turned himself in to police.

Police said that the 33-year-old resident of Petah Tikva came to them voluntarily and was sent for questioning.

Earlier the man contacted police after they issued an appeal for public help in tracking him down. They were seeking any information that could help locate the driver and his truck.

Video recorded by a fellow driver shows the truck banging and scraping the cars as it makes it way down Mazeh and Strauss streets in central Tel Aviv.

Ynet quoted an eyewitness who said the driver was aware of the damage he was doing, yet failed to stop.

“I approached him and asked him what he was doing, and in response he swore at me and carried on zigzagging between the cars,” the eyewitness, Rami Raz, told Ynet.

No one was hurt in the incident and police stressed that they do not believe it was terror-related.

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