A 19-year-old resident of East Jerusalem was arrested on suspicion of incitement to violence and terrorism for various posts he made on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, police said Tuesday.

The man is alleged to have expressed support for terror groups in posts and pictures he uploaded to those accounts.

A court extended his remand by four days.

In April police arrested two East Jerusalem residents for suspected incitement over posts on their Facebook pages. Police said that during a search of the homes of the two suspects, who are 20 and 24 years-old, “media materials and incitement materials were seized.”

Similar arrests were made in December, when police detained six people from East Jerusalem on suspicion of incitement on social networks.

Police have said they are working to end incitement, which they say is even more dangerous than direct support for terror attacks due to its wide exposure and its potential to inspire attackers.

Since a nearly year-long wave of terrorist attacks began in October 2015, Israeli security forces have vigilantly patrolled social networks for signs of radicalization and incitement, as many attackers posted their intentions prior to carrying out attacks, while others said they were inspired by calls for violence they saw on social networks.