CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian opposition party alleges that one of its activists has died of wounds sustained during police torture while in custody.

It’s the latest case highlighting the brutality of the Egyptian police in cracking down on anti-government protesters, which has enflamed public anger over the past week. More than 60 people have died in protests across Egypt. A video of police beating a protester at the weekend has sparked further outrage.

The Popular Current party said Monday its 28-year-old activist Mohammed el-Gindy died on Sunday morning after being “tortured to death.”

Party spokeswoman Mona Amer says she saw el-Gindy’s body and that it carried marks of torture.

She says he was electrocuted, had broken ribs and a “cord appeared to have been wrapped around his neck.” A medical report cited brain hemorrhage as cause of death.

The Interior Ministry had no immediate comment.

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