The Jerusalem Season of Culture, a summer-long festival of music, theater, food and performance, announced it was postponing its upcoming events due to the current situation.

“As long as the war continues, the Jerusalem Season of Culture’s events will not carry on as planned. We look forward to the quickest possible end to the conflict and will resume our normal activities the moment a ceasefire is announced,” wrote the event organizers.

The season’s opening night, Contact Point, was an evening of culture planned for Thursday, July 10, at the Israel Museum had already been canceled. The festival organizers said they decided the In-House Festival and Under the Mountain, both of which were slated to take place this week, will not happen as planned.

All ticket-holders will receive a full refund and be given top priority if they want reservations to the rescheduled events.

The Season organizers said they will be presenting a new “artistic action” soon.

UK folk rock band America also canceled its August 7 performance, and the Backstreet Boys, who had added two performances to their initial sold-out date, postponed all three performances on July 29, 30 and 31. They said they are working on new dates for spring 2015.