From his prison cell in Israel, jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti has called for a third intifada of civil resistance against Israel, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.

In a letter that was read out at a gathering in Ramallah, Barghouti called on Palestinians to end negotiations, boycott all Israeli products and buy only Palestinian produced items.

“Stop marketing the illusion that there is a possibility of
ending the occupation and achieving a state through negotiations
after this vision has failed miserably,” Barghouti stated in a letter issued on the tenth anniversary of his incarceration.

“Opening a wide-scale civil resistance at this stage will serve the cause of our people,” Barghouti wrote. “The Palestinian Authority should end all coordination with Israel, both economic and security, and work instead on Palestinian reconciliation.”

Barghouti also called for renewed efforts in the UN where last year the Palestinians failed to obtain recognition for a Palestinian State from the UN Security Council. Barghouti said that if those efforts produce no results, the Palestinians should instead appeal to the UN general assembly and its associated agencies as well as encouraging a diplomatic boycott by Arab countries.

Barghouti is considered a candidate to take over the reigns from current Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, should Israel release him from prison, where he is serving out five life sentences for terrorist activities.

“It must be understood that there is no partner for peace in Israel when the settlements have doubled,” Barghouti wrote, according to Haaretz. “It is the Palestinian people’s right to oppose the occupation in all means, and the resistance must be focused on the 1967 territories.”

The calls come ahead of a forthcoming Land Day protest on Friday that urges hundreds of thousands of people to march Israel’s borders from surrounding countries.

Barghouti, who was captured in 2002 during Operation Defensive Wall, is serving five life sentences for organizing terror attacks, including suicide bombings. Barghouti, a popular figure among Palestinians, was seen as one of the driving forces behind the second intifada against Israel that was launched in 2000.