David Schwimmer, the nebbishy Jewish actor who hasn’t been seen much on American small screens since “Friends” bid farewell in 2004, is set to return to US television in an American adaptation of an Israeli program.

Schwimmer, who played paleontologist Ross Geller for 10 seasons on “Friends,” has been attached to the new ABC pilot “Irreversible,” a comedy of parenting errors based on the Israeli series “Bilti Hafich.” He will play Andy, a struggling new father who faces the challenges of parenting alongside his partner Sarah. Israeli audiences who followed the popular series, from co-creators Segahl Avin and Raanan Shaked, will recognize a number of similarities between Andy and Sarah and their Israeli predecessors, Udi and Rona.

Avin will serve as executive producer in the American version. It will be his second dance with American television, having seen his earlier program, “The Mythological X,” briefly reborn for CBS television as “The X Factor.”

Schwimmer knows a thing or two about Israeli culture; several years ago he dated Israeli actress Mili Avital, who is best known for her role as Nurit in “Hatufim,” the Israeli predecessor of Showtime’s wildly successful “Homeland.”