John Demjanjuk was buried at a family ceremony in the US, Ukrainian News reported this week.

Rostyslav Novozhenets, deputy head of the Ukrainian Republican Party, told the Ukrainian News that Demjanjuk was interred on March 31 but refused to divulge the location of the grave, at the request of the family. Demjanjuk’s son had informed Novozhenets of the burial, including the burial place, but Novozhenets said Jewish organizations are already showing an interest in desecrating the site.

Demjanjuk’s funeral was attended by family, Ulrich Busch, who was his attorney during his trial in Germany, and US attorneys who had fought to prevent his extradition from Cleveland where he lived. Demjanjuk’s son continues to proclaim his father’s innocence and attributes his conviction to political machinations, the Ukrainian News reported.

Demjanjuk was a guard at the Sobibor extermination camp in Poland during World War II. In May 2011 a German court sentenced him to five years in prison for being an accessory to the murder of Jews. He was released to a local nursing home pending his appeal against the decision. Demjanjuk died on March 17, 2012, aged 92.