An explosive device was thrown by Palestinians at IDF soldiers near Bethlehem Thursday, as violence flared around the West Bank.

The device missed its target and did not cause any injuries or damage.

Since the conclusion of Operation Pillar of Defense’s last month, an increasing number of small scale clashes between Palestinians and the IDF have taken place in different locations throughout the West Bank.

Thursday saw a number of Israeli vehicles and IDF troops attacked by Palestinian stone throwers. There were no injuries on the Israeli side.

In the Binyamin region, the vehicle of a security officer was stoned by rioting Palestinians near the outpost of Harasha. Near the outpost of Esh Kadosh, violent demonstrations took place for the second consecutive day. IDF forces dispersed the protesters with riot control gear.

Palestinians also stoned IDF forces at Givat Hashkediya, an outpost near Yitzhar. Later on, clashes between settlers and Palestinians erupted in the area. Two Palestinians were arrested in the clashes.

Earlier this week, Palestinians threw stones at a bus and a number of Israeli vehicles. Settlers also reported that Molotov cocktails had been hurled at Israeli cars.

The occurrence of violent incidents has escalated over the past couple of days.

Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz, a former IDF chief and defense minister, warned Thursday that Israel could be on the verge of a larger round of violence with the Palestinians.

“We might find ourselves on the brink of a third intifada,” said Mofaz. “The gas fumes are in the air, we must be careful not to light a spark.”