Two men were arrested Tuesday after they were found to match the description of would-be kidnappers who attempted to nab a 15-year-old girl near the village of Abu Ghosh.

The girl, who is from a Jewish town near Abu Ghosh, told police that the two men propositioned her to get into their car.

Fearing she was about to be kidnapped, the girl ran away and immediately contacted police.

Forces scrambled to set up roadblocks and eventually apprehended the pair near near the Qalandiya checkpoint in East Jerusalem.

The two men, both Arabs, were detained by police for questioning.

Police said Monday that there has been an uptick in reports of kidnappings in the last several days, following the abduction and killing of East Jerusalem teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir last week. His slaying is suspected to be the work of Jewish extremists seeking to avenge the killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank on June 12.

On Monday, police were dispatched to search for a young boy near Modiin following a false report that he had been forced into a car.