Iran woman removes hijab, dances
Plucky pirouettePlucky pirouette

Iran woman removes hijab, dances

Dancer is cheered on as she removes her head covering, defying the country's strict modesty laws

A new video of an Iranian woman dancing without her hijab is the latest example of women in Iran defying the country’s strict dress code.

In the video, the woman can be seen dancing on the roof of a car to a traditional Iranian song. As she removes her head scarf, she’s applauded and cheered on by onlookers.

Although the video has not been independently verified, it has gone viral, particularly inside Iran, with many praising her courage to defy the Islamic Republic’s strict modesty laws, which require women to wear a headscarf in public.

Earlier in 2014, an online movement called “My Stealthy Freedom” launched in protest of the mandatory dress code garnered international attention when Iranian women posted photos of themselves in public without a hijab.

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