An Israeli man was arrested and is to be extradited to Bulgaria to serve time for a murder in the resort town of Burgas 13 years ago, Israel’s Justice Ministry said Tuesday.

Yaakov Polanski was convicted in Bulgaria in 2005 of murder and illegal possession of a gun and sentenced to 14 years in prison. He fled the country in 2006 and was spotted in Israel in 2011.

Burgas, Bulgaria (photo credit: CC-BY-SA Rubber Dragon, Flickr)

Burgas, Bulgaria (photo credit: CC-BY-SA Rubber Dragon, Flickr)

According to the extradition request, on September 9, 1999, Polanski entered into a business feud with his partner, a Russian citizen. After driving the associate to an area unknown to the victim, Polanski shot and killed him. Polanski and his son, who was on the scene, then hid the body in the son’s car.

Police soon caught up with the two and discovered the body after Polanski unsuccessfully attempted to offer them a bribe.

The extradition is being carried out by the state prosecution’s international department together with Interpol, according to the ministry.

Burgas, a resort town on the Black Sea, is a popular vacation spot for Israelis. It was the scene of a terror attack that claimed the lives of five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian bus driver in July 2012.