An Israeli man claims he was strip-searched by police officers and mocked over the size of his penis in a New Jersey mall while on his honeymoon.

The man was shopping with his wife recently at the Westfield Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus. After he entered an Apple Store to browse for items without making a purchase, Apple employees alerted security that the man had shoplifted, according to a discrimination lawsuit filed by the man seen by the local New Jersey news website

Before calling police to the scene, security officers at the mall stopped the man and accused him of stealing.

After arriving at the mall, and having failed to discover any stolen goods after a search of the man and his belongings, police officers brought the man to a part of the mall “open to the public” and “yelled at him and demanded that he remove his pants,” the lawsuit claims.

According to the suit, one of the officers then “put his hands into [his] underwear and pulled his underwear outward, exposing his penis,” and then were “openly laughing” at the man while mocking the size of his penis.

The man accused the officers of improperly touching his body without his permission, and said in the lawsuit he filed that the officers “mocked and derided [his] appearance, accent, national origin and demeanor.”

Having found no stolen merchandise, the officers instructed the man to leave the mall. However, the man reentered the mall in order to find his wife, leading the officers to arrest him for trespassing while his wife looked on.

The man also said in the suit that the officers took his messenger bag from him, as well as his catheter, which he needs to urinate as a result of a medical condition.

Prior to the incident, the man had recently been married in Las Vegas and came to the tri-state area with his new wife for his honeymoon.

The man’s attorney, Rosemarie Arnold of Fort Lee, said in the lawsuit that the man has been having nightmares, panic attacks, and an irregular heart beat since the incident. She also said that she wants to have a trial by jury for the case, and that she will be pressing for punitive damages to be rewarded to the Israeli man for what he allegedly suffered.