Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations was unanimously nominated Tuesday by 170 countries to chair the elections for the UN Human Rights Committee.

Ron Prosor’s nomination came days after Israel was admitted into the UN’s core coordinating group on human rights, and after it rejoined the Human Rights Council in late November. Israel left the council more than a year and a half ago to protest its alleged anti-Israel bias.

The HRC is the UN body tasked with monitoring human rights around the globe.

Representatives from Israel’s UN mission said that the nomination showed the respect Prosor commands among his colleagues in Turtle Bay.

“It is a great honor to chair the elections for the Human Rights Committee,” said Prosor, according to a statement released Tuesday by the Foreign Ministry. “The central role Israel plays to advance human rights around the world is the real answer to anyone calling for boycotts against Israel.”

HRC elections take place every two years.

Prosor previously served as Israel’s ambassador to the UK and director-general of the Foreign Ministry. He became Israel’s UN envoy in June 2011, and was elected as a vice president of the UN General Assembly a year later.