The designated representative of the Iranian Jewish community in Iran’s parliament lambasted Israel’s actions in Gaza on Monday, and drew comparisons between the Jewish state and Nazi Germany.

“The Zionist regime’s crimes are reminiscent of the actions taken by the German Nazis during the first and second world wars,” Siamak Moreh Sedgh told Fars News Agency.

The legislator added that Israeli treatment of the Palestinians reminded him of the Saddam Hussein’s crimes against Iran and Iraq’s Shiite community.

In Iran, five seats in parliament are reserved for recognized religious minorities — one for a Jew, two for Christians and two for Zoroastrians. Moreh Sedgh, a 50-year-old physician, who also serves as director of the Tehran Jewish Committee, has represented his community in parliament since 2012.

Moreh Sedgh has criticized Israel on numerous occasions, and has dubbed the Jewish state’s treatment of Palestinians “inhuman.”

In May 2008, Moreh Sedgh said that Iran’s Jewish community would not mark Israel’s 60th anniversary. “We are in complete disagreement with the behavior of Israel,” Moreh Sedgh said at the time, adding that in Gaza Israel displayed “anti-human behavior… they kill innocent people.”

In an interview with Russia Today in 2010, Moreh Sedgh denied that anti-Semitism existed in Iran, claiming it was a uniquely European phenomenon.

“Jews are safe in Iran. There has never been a single instance of anti-Semitism in Iranian society. This phenomenon belongs to the European, Christian world,” he said.

At least 186 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, intended to stop rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. There have not been any Israeli fatalities from some 1,000 rockets fired by Hamas into Israel, with Israel’s Iron Dome defense system intercepting dozens of rockets heading into residential areas, though 2 people died of heart attacks when sirens sounded, and several have been injured by missile shrapnel.

Times of Israel staff and AP contributed to this report.