Teen snags bikini model for prom
Kiss me, NinaKiss me, Nina

Teen snags bikini model for prom

After being rejected by Kate Upton, Jake Davidson to dance to 'Forever Young' with Nina Agdal

Cheap date? Nina Agdal enjoying some Hardees in a commercial. (Screenshot via YouTube)
Cheap date? Nina Agdal enjoying some Hardees in a commercial. (Screenshot via YouTube)

A Jewish high school senior who had his dreams of taking a supermodel to prom crushed by Kate Upton will instead be pinning a corsage on bikini model Nina Agdal in Bel Air, California, Thursday night.

Cue Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Los Angelino Jake Davidson had very publicly asked Upton, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model for the past two years, to join him at the Miliken Community High School dance, but she ultimately declined, he told the Jewish Journal last month.

But on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported that Davidson would apparently be taking the Danish-born Agdal, herself a veteran of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, to the school dance.

In an upcoming episode of celebrity gossip show “Inside Edition,” the two are seen trying on clothes for the big night, the British tabloid reported.

In March, a video Davidson shot asking Upton to the prom went viral, landing him a spot on the “Today” show. During that appearance, Upton called in saying she would love to go, but had to check her calendar.


“I’m telling you, it will be a great night… I could even get the curfew extended — hopefully talk to my parents maybe,” he pleaded with her at the time. “What time should I pick you up if your schedule’s free?”

It is unclear if Davidson, who plans to attend the University of Southern California in the fall, got his curfew extended for his night out with Agdal.

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