A man who was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion that he had shot and killed his wife in the heat of an argument, while his daughter looked on, claimed Wednesday that his gun had misfired, the suspect’s lawyer said.

Attorney Avi Himi told Army Radio that his client, a 52-year-old from Rosh Ha’ayin whose identity was withheld by gag order, did not intentionally murder his wife, 45. Himi also noted that, contrary to reports, the couple’s teenage daughter did not witness the shooting, which took place in the family’s car.

“This incident is so painful… it is hard to analyze it after just a few hours,” Himi said.

On Wednesday, the suspect was arraigned and remanded for nine days. According to the police account, while the couple were riding home with their daughter, an argument broke out between the man — a security guard — and his wife. The suspect then allegedly pulled out his licensed handgun and shot his wife twice in the head as she drove the car, in full view of the 14-year-old daughter. The vehicle then swerved into the highway divider and ground to a halt, after which the husband called the police.

Ambulance crews pronounced the woman dead at the scene, and the husband, who was waiting at the side of the road, was taken into police custody. The teenage girl — in a state of shock — was taken to Schneider Hospital.

The couple were in the midst of a divorce, but were not being treated by welfare services. The husband did not have a previous criminal record.