A resident of Afula was indicted Thursday for stabbing a one-year-old girl near the entrance to the central bus station in south Tel Aviv several weeks ago.

The Tel Aviv District Court charged Mordechai Michael Zaretsky, 59, with attempting to murder the toddler with a pair of scissors.

Zaretsky suffered from mental illness in the past and has been admitted to a psychiatric ward. He was convicted of several violent crimes as well.

According to initial reports, the toddler was in the area with her mother, an Eritrean migrant, when Zaretsky came up to the two and stabbed the child twice in the face. The child was in her mother’s arms at the time of the incident.

She was rushed to the city’s Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital in serious condition

Zaretsky was picked up by police and taken in for interrogation. Police said he was heavily inebriated.

The mother said she had never seen Zaretsky before.

During his investigation, Zaretsky claimed he deliberately targeted a “black baby.” He said he had stabbed the toddler because she was a “black terrorist.”

“I hate them, they’re black and they make a big mess,” he said.

When asked if he had attempted to murder the toddler, Zaretsky responded that he hoped the attempt was successful.

“I didn’t attempt to, I’m sure I killed her… is the whore dead?” he could be heard saying in a recording of his investigation.

The state prosecution requested that Zaretsky remain in jail pending the conclusion of legal proceedings against him.

Yoel Goldman contributed to this report.