A New Jersey white supremacist who gave his four children Nazi-linked names has reportedly filed a request to change his last name to Hitler.

Isidore Heath Campbell has appealed to the Hunterdon County Superior Court to make the name change, according to Courier News, a request not likely to be honored.

Campbell and his family are well known for their Nazi-themed shenanigans.

In 2013, Campbell wore full Nazi regalia to a court appearance to request visitation rights for his children who had been taken into state custody.

Campbell was dressed in a Nazi uniform with a mustache trimmed like Hitler’s for the court appearance to request to see the youngest of his four children, Heinrich Hons, then a 2-year-old. Heinrich was taken into state custody just hours after he was born in 2011.

Campbell’s other children have been in state custody since 2008, when a local supermarket refused to print the full name of his oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, on a cake for his third birthday.

Campbell’s other two children with his wife, Deborah, are JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, 10, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, 9.

In 2012, he created an organization called Hitler’s Order.