A Palestinian teen was shot by Israeli forces Tuesday after trying to sneak across the West Bank security barrier, the army said.

The boy, Samir Ahmed Awad, was shot near the West Bank village of Budrus, adjacent to the security barrier near the settlement of Modi’in Ilit. Palestinian sources said the boy, 17, was killed.

The IDF said it was investigating the incident.

Palestinian sources claimed Awad was shot four times, twice in his back and twice in his legs. The IDF stated the soldiers had aimed for the lower portion of his body, Israel Radio reported.

According to the army, Awad attempted to cross to the other side of the security barrier, damaging it in the process.

“In an effort to secure the fence, IDF forces securing the barrier took action against the suspect, which included shooting,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Office said.

Awad and his friends had reportedly been at school for midterm examinations and had set out from there toward their farming community near the barrier.

Palestinian reports said the student was fired at by the soldiers mainly because he had approached the barrier, not because he had tried to cross it.

Awad would be the fourth Palestinian casualty of Israeli fire over the past five days.

On Monday, a Palestinian farmer in the northern Gaza Strip was shot in the head and critically wounded by IDF soldiers near the border fence. He later died of his wounds, Palestinian sources claimed. Mustafa Abu Jarad, a 21-year-old, was reportedly on his own property when he was shot. The army had no immediate comment on the shooting, and later reportedly denied involvement. 

IDF troops also shot dead a Palestinian who was trying to enter Israel illegally south of Hebron on Saturday. According to Palestinian sources, the man, 21-year-old Uday Kamil Muhammad Darwish, from the town of Dura, was shot in the back after he spotted an Israeli military patrol and began to run away. The IDF’s Spokesman’s Office said the soldiers fired at the man’s legs, in accordance with IDF rules of engagement and that the incident is being investigated.

On Friday, a Palestinian man was shot by the army in northern Gaza. The Strip’s Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said that Anwar Muhammad al-Mamlouk, 22, was killed by Israeli fire east of the Jabalya refugee camp. 

In that incident, a group of farmers from the city of Jabalya in the Gaza Strip approached the border fence and Israeli soldiers fired toward them, Palestinian sources reported. The IDF claimed soldiers saw a group of dozens of Palestinians approaching the fence and attempting to damage it.

The area immediately adjacent to the Gaza fence is off-limits for Palestinians.

Ilan Ben Zion and Ron Friedman contributed to this report.