President Shimon Peres said Thursday that both the public and elected officials should find the positive parts of the report into 2010 Carmel fire and not just focus on the faults it lambastes.

The report, released Wednesday by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss, listed a number of failures by the state in preparing for and battling the massive blaze in the Carmel forest a year and a half ago, in which 44 people died. Much of the blame was laid at the door of Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz for the reductions in budgets and preparations that left the nation’s firefighting capabilities lacking.

“The biggest mistake here is that instead of setting up an investigation committee on the things we did wrong and how we failed, we should set up a committee on our successes,” Peres said at the Presidential Conference in Jerusalem. “Let’s look at the things we did well and learn from them.”

Opposition leader MK Shelly Yachimovich (Labor) told Israel Radio Thursday morning that Steinitz was more at fault than Yishai due to the poor bureaucratic practices of his ministry.

Several family members of victims who died in the blaze have called for the two ministers to be fired.