Rolling apricot dumplings at JSOC's The In-House Festival (Courtesy JSOC)

Rolling apricot dumplings at JSOC’s The In-House Festival (Courtesy JSOC)

It’s July in Jerusalem and that means a host of cultural offerings, notably including the Jerusalem Season of Culture, which offers a more intimate portrait of Jerusalem and its residents. Currently, JSOC is hosting the In-House Festival, several days of “intimate and innovative action” in homes and unusual spaces throughout the city.

There have been puppet shows through the shuk, making sweet dumplings and stories in Rehavia, a choir performance in East Jerusalem and a play staged in a cave. Thursday night marked the final performance by musician Yael Dekelbaum, who came home to Jerusalem to play music and reunite with her late father’s band in an Abu Tor living room, as well as the last performance of “The 7th Beggar”, a play and text study performed by the Ka’et Ensemble, a group of Haredi actors at Kehilat Yedidya, a synagogue in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka.

Coming up on July 12 is JSOC’s Contact Point, Jerusalem’s equivalent to Tel Aviv’s White Night, an all-night arts festival at the Israel Museum.