Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the 93-year-old spiritual leader of the Shas party, was in serious condition at a Jerusalem hospital after his condition took a turn for the worse Monday. Yosef was unconscious and breathing with the help of a respirator, Channel 2 reported Monday night.

“Because of a deterioration in Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s respiration, it was decide to give him preventative breathing assistance. The rabbi was sedated superficially for the ventilator. His condition remains unchanged in other indices,” Hadassah-Ein Kerem Hospital said.

On Saturday night, Yosef underwent surgery to install a temporary pacemaker after being admitted to hospital for the second time this month.

He was also scheduled to receive dialysis treatment starting Monday.

He was transferred back to the hospital’s intensive care unit Monday for supervision and further treatment.

The rabbi, who celebrated his 93th birthday this week, has been hospitalized a number of times in the past few months as his health has deteriorated, including a 10-day stint at the same hospital just two weeks ago.

“We need to pray, that’s all we can do,” Shas leader Rabbi Aryeh Deri told Channel 2. “The doctors decided to sedate him so that his body can recover.”

Yosef’s son, Rabbi David Yosef, asked Saturday night that people pray for his father, as his condition is now “worse than it has ever been.”