The Shas party released its candidate list for the coming elections on Thursday, leaving party head Eli Yishai at the top of the slate and giving former faction chief Aryeh Deri the No. 2 spot.

The release of the list, drawn up by the party’s spiritual steering committee, ends months of speculation as to whether Deri or Yishai, the current interior minister, would take the top spot.

Third place was given to Housing Minister Ariel Atias. The three were to share power at the top of the slate as a triumvirate, with none holding the party chairmanship, according to an earlier agreement.

Deri’s return to the party, after serving jail time last decade for taking bribes, raised the specter of a power struggle between him and Yishai. On Tuesday, Yishai’s nephew was beaten unconscious, allegedly by supporters of Deri, but recovered soon after.

Deri served as political head of the party for several years before going to prison.

Earlier in the day, the party’s steering committee gathered at the home of its spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to finalize the list before making the announcement.

“Shas is a party for all of the people, and under a spiritual leadership,” Atias said. “We have made no mistakes.”

Deri expressed his satisfaction with the steering committee’s decision.

“As you can see — no one deserted, everyone is here, everyone gladly accepts the council’s decision,” he said. “We said right from the start that the positions and the titles are not important. What matters is the objective.”