Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s son, Yasser Abbas, called the Israel Defense Forces a “Nazi army” on Saturday

In an interview with Palestinian TV while donating blood at a Palestinian hospital, Abbas’s son said “Israel can defend itself with tanks, planes and the Iron Dome, and what about us? Israel is shooting at [civilians’] homes. That’s a crime. Israel is behaving like the Nazis and the IDF is a Nazi army.”

“So far, many of our people have died. What people can tolerate such a thing?” he asked, according to Channel 2.

Yasser Abbas promised that the Palestinians in the West Bank would not remain quiet about the operation in Gaza, after six Palestinians died in various clashes in the West Bank Friday.

Abbas the father had called on Thursday night for Palestinians to donate blood at Palestinian hospitals to assist the wounded in Gaza and the West Bank.

“[The Palestinian people’s] circumstances are dire. Our people in Gaza deserve to live in dignity,” said Yasser Abbas.

He also expressed a desire to “free Palestine” and establish a Palestinians-only state with Jerusalem as its capital — a stance which is in direct contradiction to the official line of Mahmoud Abbas, who has advanced a two-state solution.

Abbas the son also had a message for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he stated that the “generation of the Nakba” — those displaced in the 1948 War of Independence that saw the founding of the State of Israel — “may die but the Palestinian people will never forget its identity.”