The Supreme Court rejected on Monday a request for a retrial by former president Moshe Katsav, with Justice Neal Hendel saying that Katsav, a convicted rapist, had merely rehashed arguments from an earlier, unsuccessful appeal.

The recent request for a retrial came after Katsav’s legal team claimed to have found a “distortion of judgment” in the court’s original ruling, Channel 2 reported last year.

Before deciding to request the retrial, Katsav’s attorneys reportedly consulted with a team of senior legal scholars and retired judges who, after reviewing the case file, concluded that key evidence may have been overlooked.

The former president was convicted in 2011 of rape, sexual assault and harassment of a number of female employees during his tenures as tourism minister and president.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison, and has since been waging a campaign for release on numerous fronts. In May 2012 he lost an appeal for a retrial.