International Women’s Day, which is celebrated across the globe each year on March 8, is just around the corner, and the Women’s International Zionist Organization is gearing up for the event by tallying the 10 Israeli ad campaigns this year that were most offensive to women.

For the past six years, WIZO has compiled its advertiser-shaming list.

This year its top offenders include the Israeli Postal Service, which ran an ad showing an elderly lady “enjoying” the experience of having a robber touch her body; Carolina Lemke glasses, which dressed Bar Refaeli in leather and bunny ears to sell spectacles; and Haaretz newspaper, whose video ad, which shows a couple having sex with the man rating the performance of the woman beneath him, went viral.

Here is the decidedly racy Haaretz ad, which created a bit of a stir when it first went online (NSFW):

Other offenders include ALDO shoes, Design Center Mall, and a major brand of Israeli olive oil, all of whom used provocative imagery or troubling female stereotypes to peddle their products.

Sharon Cherkassky, director of the campaign for WIZO, said that after a year of sex scandals grabbing headlines across Israeli media, the list was more important than ever.

“Today we see representations of pornography everywhere,” she said in a press release. “There are campaigns focused on twerking, provocative selfies online, and clips that are damaging shown on MTV. These have become a normal part of our lives and there’s no doubt it trickles down in society and distorts the perception of sexuality among youth.”

The list was created by a panel of judges including Knesset members, psychologists and academics. WIZO will show the top five offensive ads at an event in Tel Aviv on March 5.