A 22-year-old man was murdered early Saturday, allegedly by his childhood friend and roommate, in Kibbutz Kfar Haruv in the southern Golan Heights.

Police were called to the Kibbutz at 4 a.m. after the 21-year-old suspect came to the Kibbutz’s main gate and told the guard there that he had hurt his roommate.

The victim, Or Rybak, was found unconscious on the floor of the two men’s apartment with stab wounds to the chest. He was declared dead at the scene by paramedics.

The suspect, who had been a childhood friend of Rybak, confessed to committing the crime and reenacted it for police. He said the two had had an argument, although he would not say what it was about.

The suspect has been arrested and will undergo further questioning.

The two friends had recently moved to the community together at the invitation of Rybak’s father, a Kibbutz member, who arranged a job for the pair at the local irrigation equipment factory.