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Ben & Jerry’s election flavor aims to get out Israeli vote

Ice cream company unveils ‘One Sweet Vote,’ after asking public for suggestions for election-themed edition

A Ben & Jerry's truck. (Wikimedia Commons)
A Ben & Jerry's truck. (Wikimedia Commons)

JTA — Ben & Jerry’s is giving voters in Israel a reason to cast their ballots in the country’s third election in less than a year, and it involves about as many flavors as there are political parties on the ballot.

“A reason to vote” is the tagline for the company’s limited-edition flavor created especially for the unprecedented election.

One Sweet Vote boasts vanilla ice cream filled with peace symbol-shaped chocolates and chocolate-covered almonds, and chocolate ice cream packed with white chocolate chunks and pieces of blondie brownies.

The announcement comes two months after Ben & Jerry’s Israel asked its fans on Instagram to suggest the ingredients for an election-themed flavor that the company said would be called Third Time Ice Cream. That’s an expression used by Israelis when they run into someone twice in a short period after not seeing them for a long time, and a way that Israelis have jokingly been referring to next week’s elections.

Suggestions ranged from the spice zaatar to the popular Israeli peanut-butter flavored snack Bamba. One person suggested “something that leaves a bitter taste at the end.”

Instead, the company avoided savory flavors, instead embracing sweetness — and avoiding any commentary on Israel’s political stalemate.

“In addition to the right and the duty to vote and make a difference on this important day, you’ve got another great reason to enjoy your day off,” the company said in announcing the new flavor Tuesday on Instagram.

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