In Texas county, GOP disavows sexist, Israel-bashing leader

Officials pass resolution that rejects ‘all profane or slanderous statements’ by newly elected chairman Robert Morrow

Robert Morrow, the newly elected leader of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas, in a TV interview on August 20, 2011. (screen shot: YouTube)
Robert Morrow, the newly elected leader of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas, in a TV interview on August 20, 2011. (screen shot: YouTube)

The Travis County Republican Party Executive Committee publicly distanced itself Wednesday from its own newly elected leader and denied having any connection to “the notorious and offensive statements of its chairman-elect.”

During a meeting, the committee voted to adopt a resolution clarifying its position regarding Robert Morrow, who gained headlines after winning the record-turnout primary election.

Morrow’s obsession with outlandish, fringe conspiracy theories related to gay politicians, among other targets, and his anti-Israel expressions include calling the close relationship between Israel and Washington a “cancer” for the United States.

In a statement to The Times of Israel, the party resolved that while it “does not condone profane slander of Republican former or current elected officials” and “seeks to raise the level of public debate,” it also “hereby condemns and disavows all profane or slanderous statements made by newly elected Travis County Republican Party Chairman Robert Morrow.”

He is set to take office June 13, replacing James R. Dickey.

Morrow has shown public backing for anti-Semites, such as Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and Victor Thorn, a Holocaust denier who called the September 11 attacks “a Jewish plot.”

“Israel is like an overpriced high maintenance girlfriend who needs to be dumped. US military is not their personal army,” Morrow tweeted last January.

“USA support for Zionism and the nation of Israel is a curse upon American foreign policy!!! Much of the world hates us for this,” he wrote several weeks later.

GOP officials have expressed shock at Morrow’s election as head of the party in Travis, which includes state capital Austin, and some have said they will look to disqualify him.

“His social media account is something that no child should see. He is a total disaster,” local official Matt Mackowiak told the Texas Tribune, vowing to have him removed.

“Tell them they can go fuck themselves,” Morrow told the Tribune.

In one tweet, Morrow took aim at Alan Dershowitz, a Jewish-American law professor and outspoken advocate of Israel, calling him a “child raping troll and pathological liar.”

Morrow also said David Duke — an American white supremacist and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who has compared Israel to Nazi Germany — was “right” in his assessment of the Jewish state.

Morrow claims his “true expertise” is his “research” proving US president Lyndon B. Johnson killed president John F. Kennedy and later ordered Israel to intentionally attack the USS Liberty in 1967. Israel apologized for the deadly incident, and both countries’ investigations concluded the attack was a mistake due to Israeli confusion about the ship’s identity during the Six Day War.

Morrow’s public Facebook and Twitter profiles are littered with vulgar posts about the Clinton family, especially Hillary Clinton, whom he called an “angry bull dyke.”

He has co-authored a book about Hillary Clinton with one of Donald Trump’s former presidential campaign advisers.

Much of the book is based on information from Thorn, whom the authors thank in the book’s foreword, and who Morrow called “a friend.”

Thorn is the author of “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed,” and “MADE IN ISRAEL: 9-11 And The Jewish Plot Against America.”

Morrow has also called former governor Rick Perry a “rampaging bisexual adulterer,” and later, said Sen. Marco Rubio is a homosexual who frequents gay foam parties.

Morrow also insists the members of the Bush family should be in jail, and even runs a blog dedicated to exposing his theory that Jeb Bush and historian Oliver North murdered a CIA agent to cover up the family’s role in an Iranian-Nicaraguan drug smuggling ring.

But the vast majority of his many Facebook pictures are of busty, scantily clad women.

Last Wednesday, Travis County Republicans elected Morrow to be chairman of their party, a job that entails overseeing elections and getting local GOP candidates elected.

AP contributed to this report.

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