Jewish TV family moves from London to Hollywood
Shabbat comes to primetime

Jewish TV family moves from London to Hollywood

NBC prepares a US version of an English sitcom about a Jewish family, but will it get lost in translation?

A pair of Emmy winners has signed on for the US version of a British TV comedy about a Jewish family.

Allison Janney of “The West Wing” and Tony Shalhoub of “Monk” will play the middle-aged parents on the NBC sitcom, based on the Channel 4 series “Friday Night Dinner.” The English show centers on the Goodmans, a bickering but loving Jewish family in North London. The American series is being helmed by Greg Daniels, a “Simpsons” and “Saturday Night Live” alum also responsible for the successful American adaptation of another English series – “The Office.”

A Deadline Hollywood report didn’t specify the degree to which the family’s Jewish background might come into play on the US show.
It isn’t prominent on the English original, but the show’s premise – two 20-something sons returning home every Friday for a family dinner – and a menorah in the background suggest the family’s heritage.

If NBC likes Shalhoub and Janney’s work in the pilot episode, the American “Friday Night Dinner” could presumably join the network’s primetime lineup in the fall.

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