95 new immigrants from Ethiopia land in Israel after a several months hiatus

Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel on February, 1 2023 (Keren HaYesod)
Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel on February, 1 2023 (Keren HaYesod)

Ninety-five new immigrants from Ethiopia land in Tel Aviv after a gap of several months in efforts to bring remaining members of the community to Israel.

The flight is part of a family reunification effort, conducted with the support of the Jewish Agency and Keren HaYesod

Over the decades, the government has launched several operations to bring Ethiopian Jews to the country. In 1991, Operation Solomon brought over 14,300 immigrants from Ethiopia on 35 flights in 36 hours, the largest such operation to date. Approximately 95,000 Ethiopians have been assisted by the Jewish Agency to immigrate to Israel.

However, the efforts have been beset by controversy over who is eligible.

The current operation that began in September 2020 aims to bring to Israel 3,000 Ethiopians who have been waiting for years at transit camps in Gondar and Addis Ababa.

But the effort has been halted several times by the civil war in Ethiopia and political instability in Israel.

“It’s always incredibly moving to welcome Ethiopian olim to Israel, as they fulfill the dream to reach Jerusalem and reunite with their families,” says Doron Almog, Chairman of The Jewish Agency.

“In the past year, Keren HaYesod has helped with the rescue, relocation, and integration of Jews from Ukraine and Ethiopia. We will continue to operate tirelessly to provide aid and support around the world, and we are committed together with the Jewish Agency to continue and realize the Zionist vision,” said Sam Grundwerg, World Chairman Keren HaYesod

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