Appointee to Finance Ministry post to oversee wartime civilian matters resigns position

Tal Basechess, who was appointed at the start of the war to serve as the civilian control center project manager in the Finance Ministry, announces that he is resigning from the post due to a lack of tools and powers to accomplish the position’s goals.

“Around a month after the start of the war I was ‘called to the flag’ to serve as the head” of the Finance Ministry’s control center for war-related civilian affairs, he says in a statement. “Despite my great efforts and working around the clock to achieve the challenges and national missions, I found that the control center does not have the necessary powers or tools to fulfill the responsibility assigned to it.”

The Finance Ministry says in a statement that Minister Bezalel Smotrich received Basechess’s request to resign his post “due to the fact that because of bureaucratic and legal challenges the command center did not receive the necessary powers.”

Smotrich thanks Basechess for his service, calling him “a professional and a patriot.”

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