Blue and White calls allegations Gantz exposed himself to woman 40 years ago ‘complete lie’

The Blue and White party blasts as “a complete lie” an accusation made in a Facebook post earlier today by an Israeli woman living in the US that chairman Benny Gantz had exposed himself to her 40 years ago.

“Last night, it was a blood libel on the graves of the fallen soldiers of the IDF, and this evening is a baseless plot against Benny Gantz and his days in Kfar Hayarok in the 1970s,” the party says, suggesting that the Likud party was behind the post as it had been behind campaign video last night which was filmed in front of graves of fallen soldiers.

In the (Hebrew) post from earlier today, Navarone Jacobs says Gantz approached her at the Kfar Hayarok youth village when she was 14 and he was about 17, unzipped his pants and exposed his penis to her “in a manner in which I felt I was in danger.”

Jacobs writes that a friend of Gantz’s then appeared and pulled him away.

“He ruined my life,” she writes.

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