B’Tselem: ‘Tens of thousands have been abandoned to the wild violence of armed settler militias’

The left-wing Israeli rights group B’Tselem issues a statement on the ongoing settler violence, saying that “tens of thousands of Palestinians have been abandoned in recent hours to the wild violence of armed settler militias.”

“While villages are on fire and the number of dead and injured is increasing, the Israeli army allows or takes part in the riots,” the group claims.

“This is what Israel has created in the West Bank: a reality of blood and more blood. Revenge and more revenge.”

“A weekend that began with the criminal killing of 14-year-old Benjamin Achimeir, continues with more victims, including Jihad Afif Abu Alia, with many wounded Palestinians.”

“The Israeli government specializes in neglect – not only of its own citizens in captivity, but also of its subjects in the West Bank,” B’Tselem adds.

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